Mission statement

KONDOLOLÉ FILMS was created in 2002 out of the complementary expertise and passions of its two founders, who from the start have sought out documentary and youth subjects that offer a good fit with both linear and interactive narrative formats.

The projects they have chosen to work on reflect their passion for the media in connection with the world of children and reflect their passion for social issues: those who open a window to the world, who make us aware of new realities and fight prejudice.

To this day, their various projects remain inspired by an impassioned quest for formal and technological innovation. Their projects are the result of a continuing and close collaboration with creators, directors and cinematographers.


Ping and Friends

Ping and Friends


Two close friends who never stop juggling with sounds, words and music: Ping likes melodies and Pong, rhythm. Many things inspire them: an overflowing bathtub, a missing pirate ship, a popcorn machine and lots more! It’s through song and music that they live their bewildering and adventurous lives.



Duration: 52 x 7 minutes and 13 x 30 minutes
Targeted audience: 3-6 years

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Odd Jokes

Odd Jokes

Youth Comedy Series

“Odd Jokes” is a youth series in French set for broadcast on Television de Radio-Canada in 2014, offering young viewers two-minute capsules (60 segments in all) of fun, humour and unexpected laughs, as well as a companion “joke machine” on the Web

Duration: 60 x 2 minutes
Targeted audience: 3 to 77 years

This is Where I Sleep

This is Where I Sleep

Youth Documentary Series

This is where I sleep invites us into the rooms of 36 children from around the world. They share their secrets, dreams, passions, talents and the universe that exists in their imaginations. Enriched by an interactive Internet platform, This Where I sleep is both educational and fun. Nominated and finalist at the Prix Jeunesse in Munich for the interactive prize in 2014 and at the Taiwan International Children’s Festival for the best tv show in 2016. The series is also used in classrooms across Canada with the NFB campus platform and throughout the United States with World of Reading inc. 

Duration: 36 x 5 minutes
Targeted audience: 9 to 12 years

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Without a Roof

Without a Roof

VR series

Without A Roof is an immersive and interactive VR experience that places the viewer in the shoes of homeless youth from around the world.

Duration: 12 x 15 minutes

Let’s Play a Story

Let’s Play a Story

Animation/Live Action

Let's Play a Story is a children's series promoting imagination building through storytelling. Mixing both, live-action & animation, each episode will highlight a fable that a parent narrates to his/her child. Then the child will retell a new version where the characters and the plot line will take exciting turns and twists. In both versions, the stories will be animated as the parent or the child narrates their versions. Let's Play a Story not only promotes reading stories to young children but also encourages them to freely explore and express their imaginations.

Duration: 26 x 7 minutes
Targeted audience: 3 +

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Documentary Series

ImmigrAdos is a children’s documentary series that follows 13 young Canadians from various origins. Each protagonist tells the story of his or her immigration and integration.

Duration: 13 x 26 minutes
Targeted audience: 9-12 years

Just Another Wave

Just Another Wave

Documentary Film

A portrait of Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the tsunami- full of tension and contradictions, as seen through the eyes of a young Tamil from Toronto and his mother Satha.

Duration: 52 minutes
Targeted audience: General public

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In The Life of a Humanitarian

In The Life of a Humanitarian

Short Film

An immersive experience into the world of disaster and salvation!

Enter into the skin of a humanitarian who works tirelessly to help populations in distress from natural catastrophies or from war. 

Duration: 7 minute short film
Targeted audience: All ages

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Documentary series

At the end of their high-school studies, a group of young volunteers discover the world through a humanitarian project. One group goes to Senegal in Africa and another arrives in Peru. We discover through their journey, their dreams and in many cases a reality check. Between the preparations, the trip as well as the return, this documentary series of eight episodes offers insight into an unforgettable odyssey. 

Duration: 8 x 26 minutes
Targeted audience: Young adults

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A producer and director and the co-founder of Kondololé Films Inc., Ernest Godin has worked in interactive media for the past 20 years. Before forming Kondololé Films, he was President of Productions Pandore, a company dedicated to edutainment content creation. He was also president of CinéGroupe Interactif, where he worked as an executive development producer and director for several multimedia projects in collaboration with PBS Interactive and SESAME Workshop. He has also been a professor of interactive media at INIS (Quebec’s National Institute of Image and Sound), a mentor in interactive media at INIS, the Canadian Film Centre and the Banff New Media Institute, and a business development advisor for the videogame industry.

Ernest Godin

Producer / Director

(514) 992 7535

A producer, director and the co-founder of Kondololé Films since 2002, Annick De Vries started her career as an international distributor for Télé-Images in Paris in 1986. In 1990, she co-founded Montreal-based Médiamax Intl, an international distribution company specialized in importing and exporting of films as well as children’s series and TV drama series. In 2000, she became an executive producer for CinéGroupe, working on the development of fiction and animation productions and acting as a co-producer in France for the Cinégroupe/Animakids Paris office. In 2002, she founded Kondololé Films continuing her career as an independent producer/director of teen/youth series and socially committed documentaries. Annick De Vries’ personal journey has led her to take particular interest in issues of society, identity, integration, childhood as well as international projects. The films she produces reflect her passions, concerns and commitments.

Annick De Vries

Producer / Director

(514) 578-3004

Since 2012, Loïc has worked with Kondolole Films and has acquired a significant amount of experience in various aspects of the field, notably in production, distribution, pitch development and editing. Originally from Switzerland but raised in the US, Loïc has been living in Montreal for the past five years and has been working in the television since the age of 16. In addition to his studies at the University of Montreal, Loïc has worked on a number of projects in television and cinema as a producer, editor and director since his arrival in Canada. In 2015, he collaborated with Harvard University to direct a documentary in Jordan about experiential learning in the context of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Loïc Bruderlein

Junior Producer

(438) 880 9770


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